Solveglobal's® 4 Priorities that Client's Love

1. Solveglobal® specializes in the prevention, management, and resolution of Musculokeletal Disorders (MSDs). Matters of trust, value creation, and service excellence are important to us.

2. Our leadership, innovation, experience, and professional expertise span a half century, circle the globe, and can reach wherever our clients live and work.

3. Our culture is professional, creative, and collaborative. Our solutions and services are highly customized to align and integrate seamlessly with the unique cultures and challenges of our clients. We share risk and rewards.

4. Solveglobal® begins with the end in mind then does “all & only” that which will align incentives, optimize resources, and simplify the things that matter most to drive meaningful results that build trust and value.

In Nut-Shell

Solvelobal® is for Business Leaders with:
  • P&L responsibilities in their company
  • Health costs being one of their top 5 expenses
  • Interest in reducing wasteful medical overspending
Here’s what those leaders need to know...
  • MSDs are the #1 spend in healthcare at 20%, or more
  • MSD mismanagement wastes 25-45% of that spend
  • Employers can eliminate that waste to improve profits
Solveglobal® does just that, by...
  • Calculating your specific savings opportunity
  • Crafting an optimized MSD plan/solution just for you
  • Managing your MSD issues to improve your profits