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by solving their #1 health spend - Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

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Onsite, Offsite, & Online Telehealth

Onsite, Offsite, & Online Telehealth

FACT: Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are the #1 spend in healthcare and cause of disability; affecting more people than cardiovascular disease and cancer combined. Annually, 25-45% of MSD spending is unnecessary and wasteful, …even harmful and addictive.

"More than half of all Americans who get health insurance through their employer now have a high deductible health plan. With deductibles rising eight times as fast as wages since 2008, healthcare costs have become the No. 1 financial concern for many employees — outranking debt, college expenses, mortgages, rent, retirement savings, taxes and even unemployment."

– Employee Risk Advisor (April 2019)

“Waste in the U.S. health care system… [is] more than total annual federal defense spending”

– Money Watch/CBS (October 11, 2019)

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Estimate Your MSD Overspend.

A quick back-of-the-napkin calculation:

Total 5 year MSD overspend

This conservative estimate uses your submission and trusted average national data. It illustrates the likely magnitude of your wasteful MSD medical overspending and net direct savings opportunity at 25%. Actual savings opportunities are company specific, ranging from 25-45% or more NET DIRECT SAVINGS.

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"Wasteful medical overspending is punishing the financial health and well-being of companies and families, while stealing the American dream. For over a decade, Solveglobal® has helped employers take control of MSDs to dramatically improve medical costs, talent retention, and profitability." -Solveglobal®

The solution to MSDs already exists. The savings & satisfaction are proven.

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Our clients are forward-leaning employers concerned about the wellbeing of their talented team, productivity of their operations, profitability of their enterprise, competitive advantage in the marketplace, and performance sustainability. They range from small to super-sized, private to public, local to global, for-profit to nonprofits, and compete in most any business sector you can name.

Solveglobal® is a comprehensive MSD management system for populations and individuals; built on disruptive innovation and value creation that works.

"Progressing you to better..." that’s our job and our promise!

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There Are 3 Phases To A Solveglobal® Collaboration:

1. SolveOptics efficiently provide strategic perspective and insight into your organization’s MSD previous experience, present challenges, and future risks. Predictive Analytics calculate wasteful MSD medical overspending, achievable financial savings, and a detailed path forward with accountable results. Findings, recommendations and options are presented and discuss.

2. SolveSetup assures the comprehensive turnkey implementation of your customized Solveglobal® MSD Solution including systems, staffing, training, orientation, integration, and support.

3. SolveOps provides effective ongoing MSD services embedded in your team and operations doing exactly what it was designed to do... improve MSD risk and cost while pleasing all involved.

The Solveglobal® System is driven by proven science, a strategic paradigm shift, disruptive innovation, proprietary online technologies, predictive analytics, superior performance, and decades of industry leadership experience. It has no peers.


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While most organizations say,
"Our people are our most valuable asset,"
few provide the essential maintenance & support systems for their people that they do for their infrastructure... facilities, vehicles, equipment, finance, & IT systems. Through use, abuse & neglect things break down & so do people. The result is ongoing preventable waste of human talent, competitive advantage & financial performance that has both humanitarian & fiduciary implications.

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The 4 Solveglobal® Priorities That Client's Love...

Solving One of the Top Healthcare Costs: Musculoskeletal Disorder

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), or ergonomic-related soft-tissue injuries from overperformed tasks, are one of the top costs in health care and one of the most prevalent challenges in the workplace. It affects more people than cardiovascular disease and cancer combined. Over half of the population is dealing with an MSD problem on any given day. Read more..

Real Clients. Real Savings.

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Pat Watson
President, FG Company
Cardinal Glass Industries

"By bringing in Solveglobal®, we saw a significant decline in our costs for workman's compensation claims and healthcare. That's a key performance indicator for us! The employees now know that we have a plan in place to help keep them healthier and safer."

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Dan Ludwig
Director of Safety, Health, and Wellness
Brakebush Brothers Inc.

"With Solveglobal®, I see the health plan benefits and the hundreds and thousands of dollars we saved by doing this system. But then I also get to hear the members' standpoint of 'Wow! What an experience this was. It's more than what I ever expected!' "

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Wasteful MSD overspending is a choice…
What’s yours?

Here's the bottom line: The Solveglobal® System involves zero incremental expense, convenient access and affordable services, while driving employer annual net savings of 25-45% to satisfy employers, employees, organized labor, and investors.

Risk is where the reward is. Reclaim control to earn your competitive advantage.

“All deliberate change comes first from denying the logic that earlier gave you comfort.”
- Mike Dooley